How Professional Do you Look

After my email last week a lot of people asked me how I achieved my professional signature and today I thought I should share. It was actually pretty simple and can take your mail from normal to professional and classy in these few quick steps.  1. Go to Hubspot  (click on The Link) 2. Fill in […]

bappa 2016 codeIT participant

codeIT Afterschool Registration has began

CodeIT is dedicated to growing young people in the area of computer science, especially around promoting hardcore programming skills at an early age. Our vision is that every codeIT participants get the consistent long-term mentorship and opportunity to learn computer science and ultimately shape the world they live in positivity through codes. We believe computer […]

30 websites for 30 women

30 websites for 30 women

Each year Sprout gives away 30 business website at a 90% discounted prices. It’s a deal to ensure small businesses also get the opportunity to get them on the web. What to Expect A free domain registration (Valid for 1 year) Hosting space (Valid for 1 year) 2 Corporate email address under the domain name […]


Digital Marketing 101

Nigeria has come a long way from the days of brief case companies with little or no structural backbone. Almost every Nigerian with money to spend knows how to use the Internet to research and prove companies before parting away with their hard earned cash. After working as a web consultant for over 8 year […]